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Artist: David Bowie || Album: Station To Station || Year: 1976

Cheval Noir

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I might as well go right out and say it: This is the best album David Bowie made. Now that I've gotten that outta the way, lemme say a few words as to why I think so. For one, this is one of those albums that was crafted and fine tuned until every song was as good as the one that preceeded it. In other words, one can listen to it without skipping a track. Those were the days when albums would be less than 40 minutes of material, but the quality was so rich in timbral texture that it was all one needed. Those were the days when an artist was not afraid to challenge the public by introducing his work with complex compositions. A ten-minute track, like the title's namesake, could be pulled off without a hitch or complaint from anybody; the work of genius is hardly ever questioned. There's about a five minute pre-amble before the song kicks into high gear and it couldn't come any sooner. Every subsequent sound afterwards is carefully manoeuvered and choreographed - one can almost see the legendary Bowie on stage stylistically dancing to it. Here's a listing of the songs in the album:

1 Station to Station

2 Golden Years

3 Word on a Wing

4 TVC 15

5 Stay

6 Wild Is the Wind

If the sound of waves were to take the form of music, then this album emulates that ebb and flow of the sea's calmness and fury as the title track moves onto the world-famous "Golden Years", into the mellow and chill "Word On A Wing", to the choppy terrain of "TVC 15", and back to the still waters of "Stay" and "Wild Is The Wind". The album takes one on a venture ranging from mania, the paranoia technology brings, heartbreak, and... even true love. Good bog, if you have not heard "Wild Is The Wind", you have missed out on one of the most romantic, sad, and sweeping Rock ballads ever recorded. It's not Bowie's original composition, but he sure made it his. Normally, this would sound/read like a deluded tirade from a music/Bowie fanatic (which I am), but read the other reviews at Amazon:


It has a near perfect score with 92 other music listeners. If you're planning on getting new music, I couldn't recommend a better album to buy at the moment :beatnik:

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I want to pull one track of this album for a minute. The song Station to Station is one of my favorites by Bowie. The lyrics, the vocal, the guitar work, the pounding bass...everything is perfect. The change in tempo is right on the mark too.

I have a bootleg from 1976 at the Nassau Coliseum in NYC. The intro guitar work is as stunning as anything i've ever heard live.

I saw Bowie at Madison Square Garden when he had Adrien (Adrian??) Belew on lead guitar. Again, Station to Station was amazing...it was visually highlighted by a blinding wall of white lights when Bowie sings "It's not the side effects of the cocaine"....that visually powerful moment was enhanced by the young lady in front of me who felt inspired to take her top off at precisely the same moment...

Station to Station the song and album are fantastic.

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This album was the first Bowi album I was exposed to thanks to a boyfirend. And I fell in love with Bowie, the man and the artist. As Katie said, you don't skip a cut on the album, you want to hear it all and not just once. I have only seen Bowie twice in concert and it was after he was in his wild phase, but both shows were unbelievable and he had you from beginning to end. Ron, you are right he is more than just a rocker!

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I am, as always, in total awe of RonJon's Bowie experience/knowledge :bow:

Bowie is one of my favourite artists and I am still discovering his stuff...I only really got into him about two years ago.

This album ranks among my favourites :thumbsup:

Katie, being 21 and discovering more about Bowie is a pretty cool thing itself....

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