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The Grey Album- Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse


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I know it's been out for a little while, but I haven't seen anyone review it and I think it is really an amazing piece of work. Hopefully I'll be forgiven for talking about hip hop, but it includes the Beatles, which should make it alright. I'll list each track and then give my opinion.

Public Service Announcement (Long, Long, Long): This is average. The actual “announcement†is kind of awkward when placed over the background, but the verses blend perfectly when mixed with “Long, Long, Long.â€

What More Can I Say (While My Guitar Gently Weeps): One of my favorite songs on the album mixed with my favorite Beatles song, and the result is amazing. The beat consists of repeating the keyboard and riff at the beginning, and perfectly blends the choruses of both songs. Danger Mouse also incorporates some lyrics from “While My Guitar Gently Weeps†into the beat, and I felt that this song is better than the original.

Encore (Glass Onion and Savory Truffle): Not my favorite song. The words that are used as part of the beat are cut off too suddenly, and the same problem occurs with the instrumentals. The song is also speed up too much, and Danger Mouse cut off the last verse yet kept the MC coming out, which was too indecisive on his part.

December 4th (Mother Nature’s Son): The title of the Beatles song makes sense with this song, but the beat does not. It was hard to improve upon the original beat, an amazing trumpet fanfare, and I feel that the guitar replacing fails miserably. This was my favorite song from the Black Album, but awkward drum beats and the poor choice of music make this a dud.

99 Problems (Helter Skelter): I feel this is one of the best mixes on the entire album. The guitar is cut off in all the right places but at all times part of this Beatles legend remain present. It most likely works well because the original beat was also a guitar riff, but the result is very good.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Julia): Horrible song choice for the background. Way too quiet for such a loud song. This was one of Jay-Z’s big hits from the album, and a Beatles hit probably should have been used. Its dumb lyrics don’t help it much. Not my favortie.

Moment of Clarity (Happiness Is A Warm Gun): Starting out it doesn’t seem very promising, but as it continues the words come together with the beat very nicely for a good end result. Some odd stops in the mix, and I don’t feel that the chorus matches the beat, but the verses are great and this is also well done.

Change Clothes (Piggies and Dear Prudence): A dumb song backed by dumb songs. Keeps with the attitude of the original song, and actually flows well, but I never liked the song in the first place, and it doesn’t really improve on the original.

Allure (Dear Prudence): Like “Moment of Clarity,†not a promising beginning, but a great end result. The choice of background matches the attitude of the song, and the beat flows well. Good end result.

Justify My Thug (Rocky Raccoon): “Justify My Thug†is more a serious song, but Rocky Raccoon doesn’t all match the attitude. The beat blends with the verses, but it still felt uncomfortable, as if it was missing something.

My 1st Song (Can You Take Me Back and Savory Truffle): Horrible, horrible, horrible. I hate this song. The original version was great, but the remix ruins it beyond repair. Just so many things wrong. Hate it.

Threat (Unknown): Not commonly known, but I heard it and was blown away. This is by far the greatest mix on the whole album. A serious song supported by a simple yet effective and sorrowful beat. It is almost impossible to describe it, it is so amazing. It blends so well with everything

That’s it. If anyone knows the song used for Threat (by the last breath of the four winds… I’ll have revenge…) I would love to know. This album is a must hear if you are a fan of either artist, and even if you are not, you have to hear it anyway. An amazing piece of work, and I salute Danger Mouse for making something of this caliber.

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