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Your 3 favourite band's 3 best songs


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Name your favorite 3 bands and your favorite three songs of theirs.

1. Pink Floyd

a. Bridges Burning

b. Wish You Were Here

c. Echoes

2. Dave Matthews Band

a. Jimi Thing

b. Crash

c. The Space Between

3. The Beatles

a. Within You, Without You

b. Here Comes The Sun

c. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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Sure, why not ...


  • Your Mother Should Know
  • A Day in the Life
  • Rain

Alice Cooper
  • You Drive Me Nervous
  • Years Ago
  • Halo of Flies

For the rest of my favs, it changes often. Some days it's 'The Monkees' so today, it will be ...

The Monkees

  • As We Go Along
  • Sometime in the Morning
  • Papa Gene's Blues


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The Beatles

1. Norweigian wood


3. Come together(before all the commercials and still)

The Red Hot Chilipeppers

1. Aeroplane

2. Otherside

3.Under the bridge

Led Zepplin

1. All of my love

2.Over the Hills and far away

3. The Ocean

Wow so many other great songs that those bands did that i had to exclude from the list. O well. :rockon:

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ahh wow,.. I can only pick 3 bands (!!!!!),.... ok here it goes, (in no particular order)

1) Yellowcard

a.empty apartment

b. Firewater

c. Back Home

2) The Starting Line

a. Playing Favorites :thumbsup:

b. Best of Me

c. The Night Life

3) Relient K

a. Failure to Excommunicate

b. Trademark

c. Falling out

d. (ahh i had to add another) What have you been doing lately?

These have got to be the coolest songs, at least for now, and all yall should look em up! (especially relient k!) :angel:

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