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Sweet Jane 61


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Fists clenched...

eyes full of hate

hearts pounding hard,

this can't be my fate.

No reasons needed...

striking without thought,

a body battered...

another battle fought.

Scars inside and out,

tears being shed...

asking for forgiveness,

I love you, being said.

A promise of never again,

begging me not to leave...

believing in your love,

happy I try to be.

Fearful of my future,

anticipating the final blow...

the heaviness in my heart lifting,

knowing that I must now go.

This is from 24 years ago at a time in my life when I was fighting for my life and my soul. And I finally won the fight.

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That is heartbreaking, inspiring and amazing all at the same time. What would normally be a painful poem is made very satisfying knowing the positive outcome. I'm glad you made it out of that horrific situation, sweet Jane. You are a strong woman and I congratulate you on taking control of your life.

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