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Songs everybody likes?

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When I was a youth, the UK was riven by tribal warfare: the local disco attracted punks, mods/rudies, rockers, new romantics, and yes even the odd young ted (I'm talking about 1980-81 here), who co-existed uneasily in an ambience of mutual disdain.

However, one unifying factor (as I recall) was a shared appreciation of the group Madness. It seemed impossibly churlish to dislike Madness. Even the headbangers admitted a begrudging fondness for them. So I'd be tempted to suggest one of theirs- 'Baggy Trousers' or 'House Of Fun'- as "The Song Everyone Likes"

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Who could forget the unbridled joy in teenage faces when locked in an arm-swinging chain with knees bent to the heavy, heavy monster sound...

Were they the same discos that always played 'Three Times a Lady' as the last song, giving those of us with no confidence the opportunity to move in a circle clutching the ass of our intended grope...?

I can't remember anybody disliking 'Too Much Too Young', mind...

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