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Favourite Teen movies


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I have to say "Some Kind of Wonderful" is one teen movie I can watch more than once. John Hughes of couse pulling out another hit flic! The cast is great with Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, and Mary Stuart Masterson in the lead roles. Boy from the wrong side of the tracks likes the popular beautiful girl who is in hanging with the rich kids but she is from the wrong side of the tracks also. But then you have the tomboy best friend, Masterson, who is really in love with the boy but helps him get the popular girl. But of course he finally opens his eyes and sees the truly beautiful girl has always been there by his side. Hey how can you not identify with someone in this movie. And the soundtrack is not bad either, I mean it has the Stones on it singing "Miss Amanda Jones"!! Watch the film and look for Chynna Phillips and Candance Cameron. Also John Ashton from "Beverly Hills Cop" as the Dad is good.

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Ha I went to comment on this, and realised that I actually started the topic, though back when I was in High School which feels wayyy longer ago than it actually was. My faves...

80's= The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles

90's= Jawbreaker, 10 Things I Hate About You, Empire Records, Clueless

00's= Mean Girls

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I suggest you see Cheval Noir's picks. He has good taste :beatnik:

You're joking, aintcha? I remember Cheval Noir venturing a positive opinion of Kajagoogoo; without doubt the most repugnant pustular blemish that ever pulsated on the backside of pop.

However, I agree with Mr. Noir's recommendation of Gregory's Girl here. Splendid film.*

(* I never use the word "movie".)

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