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Happy Bithday -DarkSide of the Moon


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One of the few "timeless" rock albums that truly is timeless. It's so different from anything, you can't even tell when it was made. The same goes for "Rubycon" by Tangerine Dream. Was it made in the 70's or was it made today? Or was it made in the future? Woah, man!

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While I agree that this is a great album in all respects , I can't help but remember a year of university in the early '80s when I had a roommate who had just bought a new CD player and owned a grand total of 3 CDs : this one , Robert Plant's ' Principle of Moments ' and a Robert Cray CD . He played them constantly when at home , and to this day , I cannot play any of them myself having become so sick of them at that time . I have to rely on radio to satisfy me as they pop up occasionally . Then it is great again . :D

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