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Any MJ Fans?


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Wow, I only just noticed this thread. Not only is it the one of the most entertaining and amusing threads on these boards, but it has to be the most off topic thread. I also think it should stay that way. In many other message boards this thread would be banned, so it's a good thing we know the moderators, and they aren't mean.

So, did anyone else notice that the MJ fans only posted on this thread for a total of around 25 minutes, then suddenly disappeared? Weird.

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CS87, I like that Jimmy Page icon, I have a similiar pic that's a bigger version of that :cool:

Those, uh, fans all posting within 25 minutes, were they all the same person? Or did some crappy Michael-Jackson-board ferry all its members here for half an hour?

Because they're ridiculous. :D

Yeah, they're all from a Michael's Kids board :laughing:


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