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Less Breast Best -Billy Joel "It's a Mess"


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Billy Joel's Musical 'Movin' Out' Sued

A dancer claims she was harassed for having large breasts and a serious toe injury.

United Press International

Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman says he may have the first-of-its-kind case -- a Broadway dancer fired because her breasts grew too large.

Dancer Alice Alyse is suing owners and managers of the touring version of Broadway's "Movin' Out" for more than $100 million.

Alyse told the New York Post she was making $130,000 in the touring company of Movin' Out,' which features the music of Billy Joel and choreography of Tyla Tharp. But, after suffering two injuries during the course of the production, her breasts grew.

The latest injury happened after she was dropped from 6 feet up, she said.

"I was coming back, but my breasts had gotten bigger," she said. "I'm a size zero, but the costumes were tight."

"Those (expletive) boobs are huge ... We hired you at a C and now you're a D,'" she quoted the stage manager as saying. "He was irrational."

The suit Klayman filed in New York charges the show's producers with wrongful termination and sexual harassment.

This is the first time a woman has been persecuted for having bigger boobs, he told The Post.

The producers had no comment.

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But, after suffering two injuries during the course of the production, her breasts grew.

This is by far the craziest thing I have ever heard. While I do believe there is in time some chest enlargement in women (gaining weight, ultra hormonal activity, etc.), falling from six feet and getting injured does not gel (excuse the pun) with me.

Did anyone inspect for bruises and swelling? That would be the only way I could see it happening.

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True story. I remember reading a story several years ago where a patron of a topless club filed suit against a dancer because he claimed he was severely burised about the facial region by the breast of one of the dancers that had gotten too close to him. No joking guys I really did read this story.

Would this go under the category of "assault with a deadly weapon or a friendly weapon?" Or should that be "weapons?"


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If you need someone to fit a specific role of a character and you are fired because you don't fit it that shouldn't be discrimination. If it is I am going to every film audition and if I don't get in I will sue because I was appearently not funny enough to fit the role. They are discriminating my personality please help me I need 100 million dollars!!!

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