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Can't/Don't Tame a Hurricane - Slade

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Hi guys,

I wonder who would be prepared to help me with this one.

I am going to compile a CD that features the Slade catalogue of releases between 1983-1984. This includes the entire "Amazing Kamakaze Syndrome" LP (titled "Get Your Hands Off My Power Supply" in the US) and the B-sides of "Run Run Away" and "My Oh My". I have all the vinyl of these and I want to put them on CD, but my 12" of "My Oh My" is missing. It had a track on it called "Don't Tame A Hurricane" and the US album has a track called "CAN'T tame a hurricane".

Can anyone verify if they are the same song and can anyone supply me a copy of it until I find where that record has gone to?

Thanx heaps

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