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Bridging the Void


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:laughing:(I too have borrowed Cd's and all of those and accidently not given them back!)

If it's the latest "greatest hits" album I reccomend giving "E-bow the Letter" a listen to, the verses are brilliant beyond description, though the chorus is a little tiring (just the "I'll take you over" part, other then that it's the perfect song!)

Ill have a listen to it tonght, btw what does rem stand for?

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Funny question, no one knows! Many people think it's "Rapid Eye Movement" (because it's a scientific term and R.E.M. is commonly used for it) but one time when Michael Stipe (the lead singer) was asked if that's what it stood for he said "R.E.M. stands for nothing, but will lie down for anything" It's hard getting a solid answer out of Stipe because he is a weird weird weird man.

One song that's missing on that best of is called "Half a World Away" and if you like "Losing My Religion" you should probably find a recording of it (it's off the album "Out of Time" same one with "Losing My Religion" and it's worth the money to buy it, "Low" and "Country Feedback" are really excellent songs) So you could always pick up "Out of Time" or go for more "Illegal" methods (God bless Kazaa) :jester:

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Here's the second verse(I don't feel the need to write the chorus again, but it would come after the verse)

Slip to a nervous attack

Beter load up on smack

If this doesn't stop, well then you're screwed

Greatness may be this stuff's knack

I think it turns souls black

Watched your arm become a track

To your persona this s###s* been glued

What ya do when you get back

You look into your pack

Salivate for magic snack

So use your super tack

All this so your fears you can delude.

*I don't really like to swear(in songs ::(around people I know and my friends I'm like Jay from the View Askew movies)) but it felt nesacarry at that point, gives it a harsher feeling then saying "crap".

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