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The Topical Ten. Can you Guess them from the Clues ?

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1...This is how rumours are spread

2...Jan 20th - Feb 18thanswered

3...One of these wont ruin all of it answered

4...you cuss..answered

5...Recorded just 3 days before his death in 67..answered

6...You'll have a captive audience for this dance

7...A cuddly toy...answered

8...She was "Monk's" first assistant

9...Some people want to fill the world with these..answered

10..not good girls..answered

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You get it then CC, because I had to look up my book.

My younger daughter, Julie, just came around after work, and she says Monk's girl was "Sharona".

My Sharona / The Knack ?

So that's 1 to me, 1 to CC, and 1 to Julie (if she's right). ;)

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Sorry I'm late. Been out this afternoon (Oz Time).

Very special thanks to Laurie and Brad for their wonderful contributions.

Anyone else like to try their hand sometime ? Just not while another is current please.

Here's OLD 55's TOP TEN #7.

1. Similar to Mick and Keith.

2. Song's introduction is from the French National Anthem.

3. Welsh Witch.

4. Anybody like to buy it ?

5. Romantically depleted.

6. Song was named from a cosmetics box.

7. You said I could keep it !

8. Unchanged.

9. What happens when someone hits the Jackpot.

10.Would very likely make your feet hurt.


I've tried to make them "gettable" - maybe a couple tougher than the rest.

Good Luck All.


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