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The Topical Ten. Can you Guess them from the Clues ?

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55 wrote:

Someone else might like to have a go at preparing one also ?

Ok, Darryl. :coolio:

I'd like to give it a try. :drummer:

1. She may be afraid of spiders but she's always right.

2. I don't think the guys would want to live in these, but the girls would love it.

3. Even trapping it in glass didn't make it stand still.

4. If I were a bird of prey, I would do this.

5. I don't measure up to all the other guys.

6. Ali-baba's favorite pasttime.

7. You and I are trapped in an oreo cookie.

8. She was born in the U.S.A.

9. A soda vending machine would dispense this song.

10. This song was found posted on a tree with a photograph.

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Good on you Brad ! :thumbsup: They're very well thought out. !!!

I think I'm a lot better at answering questions than I am at answering them though. :grin:

I'll go with Laurie on 4 and 6 (American Girls is plural, and it wasn't a very big hit.

And bazooka's look correct. Isn't it funny how obvious they seem when you see them ?

Short Dick Man for 5 ? :laughing:

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Was that a Hit Single though for 8? Same with 9; I thought "Soda Pop"/ Britney Spears, but that wasn't a Hit Single - off an Album.

And I thought of "Short People" but Brad said "I" and "guys", so I think it would be specifically male and you're correct first time, "Little Man" / Sonny & Cher.

I think you have all except 7 and 9.


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Brad has posted a Top Ten on Page 16. Please check it out - it's very good ! Laurie and Bazooka seem to have gotten most of them (I don't know the correct answers), but I think #7 still needs answering, and I'm not completely certain about #5 and #9.

Here's my TOP TEN #6 CLUES.

1. This was originally titled "Do The Bop". ANSWERED

2. Ocular deceivers. ANSWERED

3. The Group's drummer sang this - not their usual lead singer.

4. Title is a phrase used by John Wayne in Western Movies.

5. Paris Hilton is one. ANSWERED

6. She has lots of dates. ANSWERED

7. The jukebox played a Beatles' song in these lyrics.

8. Singer/Songwriter's ballad about her divorce.

9. Your Mother would have told you this as a child.

10.Large, colored vehicle.


Good Luck All. Hope you enjoy our Top Tens.


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