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The Topical Ten. Can you Guess them from the Clues ?

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Sorry Edna, not those for 10 BUT 9 is correct. Well done.

I'm going for a shower and a shave and a shampoo.

I'll check back a little later to see if you've got the other three. I'm taking my waterproof Spanish phrase book into the shower. Viejo cincuenta y cinco (El zorro viejo).


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Here's Viejo Cincuenta y Cinco's TOP TEN #7.

1. Similar to Mick and Keith.

2. Song's introduction is from the French National Anthem.

3. Welsh Witch.

4. Anybody like to buy it ?

5. Romantically depleted.

6. Song was named from a cosmetics box.

7. You said I could keep it !

8. Unchanged.

9. What happens when someone hits the Jackpot.

10.Would very likely make your feet hurt.


I've tried to make them "gettable" - maybe a couple tougher than the rest.

Good Luck All.


Well, even though I made some of them "gettable", I didn't expect 7 of them to go so quickly. Well done Edna, bazooka and FarinU.

Only 6, 7 and 10 remain unanswered. I'll leave it to my friends' judgement as to when it's time to put on a new Top Ten. Someone please feel free to have a go at one.

Goodnight All !

Viejo Cincuenta y Cinco (OLD55 in Spanish).


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#10: "Dancing in the streets"??

I have to go to work... :P

Viejo55, I speak French and Spanish and Russian. And I guess English too... ;)

...and I studied German at school aber ich kann nicht sprehe gut. E voglio sapere l´italiano per parlare con il zio Giuseppe... :)

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