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Sopranos March 12th

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Remember this?

David Letterman's Top Ten:

The cast of The Sopranos made an appearance on David Letterman's show

to do his famous TOP TEN list!

TOP TEN: Things Never Before Said on The Sopranos

#10. Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior)

(menacingly) "You don't have the money?" (cheerful) "That's cool."

#9. Aida Turturro (Janice Soprano)

"Screw this home cooking- I'm going to the Olive Garden."

#8. Steven Van Zandt (Silvio)

"In addition to disposing of bodies, you'll need to know how to use powerpoint and excel."

#7. Robert Iler (Anthony Soprano Jr.)

"Wasn't that guy in Springsteen's E Street Band?"

#6. Jaime-Lynn Discala (Meadow Soprano)

I just hooked up an illegal cable box so I'm getting free HBO."

#5. Tony Siroco (Paulie Walnuts)

"Tony, I'm gonna need to leave early today for Rosh Hashanah."

#4. Drea de Matteo (Adriana)

"I want a bigger part-what are you gonna do, kill my character?"

#3. Michael Imperioli (Christopher)

"Hey, Paulie, how about you and me going up to Massachusetts and getting married?"

#2. Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano)

"I can't go to prison-Martha Stweart will eat me alive."

#1. James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano)

"I just whacked myself!"

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I was just over to Tony's house. Oh, yeah. How was he? He looked... Tired. Maybe he's got hypoglycemia. Maybe he's depressed. What's he got to be depressed about? He talked to me about it.

Depression? Well... What the ******* do you know about depression? Nothing I'm just saying, that's all. But he's sleeping all the time. He's not taking care of himself. A lot of top guys have dark moods. That winston Churchill, drank a quart of brandy before breakfast. Napoleon, he was a moody ******* too.

Wasn't that conversation between Christopher and paulie? Here's the site...


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News this morning tells us about the mysterious guy from the last scene (the jacketed guy who goes to the bathroom).

He owns a pizza shop down here called PenDel Pizza. A woman friend of his was in his shop when she received a phone call. It was from the show's casting dept. (she happens to be an agent). They were looking for an Italian, 30-50 yrs. old for the part.

She said, "Oh my God, I'm looking right at him". She faxed them a b&w photo of him.

Anyway, afew weeks later he's up in NY for an audition with 29 other guys. He gets the part.

It took 18 hours to shoot his scene. The cast members called him, "Mysterious Guy". He knows nothing about what the ending meant. He was involved in one of the alternate takes but cannot say anything about it. From his tone in the radio interview this morning I'd say his involvement was trivial.

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I know the show just ended it's run..but I get the feeling talk about the show will live on for years and people willc ontinue to speculate about a movie or another episode with a more definitive conclusion. If this happens 5 years from now, David Chase and the cast can name their price.

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I've never watched the show, but to me this seems like a cheap lead-in to a movie deal.

There is nothing cheap about this show and I resent the implication. I love you so much I'd probably give you a kidney if you needed it, but g**dammit, don't intercourse with the Sopranos.

Kevin is going to wake up with a bloody horse head in his bed if he doesn't simmer down.

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