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Sopranos March 12th

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So, tonight I decide we should try another TV related spot. The show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has host Guy Fieri driving around the US in his vintage Camaro, visiting a variety of, well, diners, drive-ins and dives. The food always looks tremendous. They recently had an episode called Diners of New Jersey which is fitting. NJ is truly the diner capitol of the world.

Ron I cuaght that show the other night and you're right Jersey is the diner capital!! What a nice selection of diners to choose from, or check them all out. I guess I just need to get to Jersey soon! Tell Bruce I'm coming out so he'll stick around! :D

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I had lunch with a college friend this week. I may have mentioned it here before, but this guy is good friends with James Gandolfini from our Rutgers days. Anyway, it seems they found out from Jim that now that the show was over, the network production crew was dumping an old bomb of a Caddy used on the show. With a little pull, the guys were able to procure the car (which barely made it up to 30 mph) and they drove it all the way down to Rutgers Stadium for a football game this year. Stupid Rutgers/Sopranos/NJ stuff, but fun. (And it keeps the Soprano thread alive)

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So...I'm riding by the best pizzeria in my town last Sunday and I see some "activity" next to it. This caught my eye because the pizzeria is closed on Sundays. I saw three guys, a big Cadillac and a movie camera. One of the guys looked exactly like Michael Imperioli to me. I decided I would take the big loop around the block and sneak up next to them. When I did, I didn't see the Imperioli look alike (or was he a look alike?), but I did see a kid from town who appeared in several episodes of the Sopranos. You may remember the last season when AJ turns bad and they burn off the toes of a Rutgers student who owes them some gambling debts. Well that kid is from my town.

Anyway, just as I pull up next to them, they say, in unison, "Let's get the F outta here". How perfectly New Jersey. They got in the Caddy and left.

Suspicious? Hmmmm?

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