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Songs with Literary References

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Here's several from Regins Spektor, who is kinda known for including literary references:


"Margaret Atwood, she could not stop me. Virginia Woolfe, she could not stop me"


"If Hans Christian Anderson wouldn't have had his way with me, then none of this sh*t wouldn't have ever gone down"

Pound of Flesh

"Ezra pound sat upon my bed and asked me which bookses of late I've read"

Poor Little Rich Boy

"You're reading Fitzgerald, you're reading Hemingway. They're both supersmart and reading in a cafe"

Sh's kinda kooky, I know...

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Nobody's yet mentioned Ring Around Your Finger by the Police.

I always considered that as an allusion to the Lord of the Rings, until I read the Three Musketeers. It fits much better with the latter, most notably that D'Artagnan recognizes the female antagonist by her ring.

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^ Wrapped Around Your Finger? I hadn't paid attention to the lyrics but I've gone and looked them up now. 'tmakes sense what you say.

I didn't post this one earlier because it didn't really reference literature, but since songs based on literature are also allowed, how's about Nirvana's Scentless Apprentice inspired by Perfume? One of my favourite favourite Nirvana songs.

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