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What would you do?

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Ok, after 20 years of being an International Superstar, with a number 1 hit every year, you're fed up. You decide that the best way to avoid the screaming fans is to fake your own death. Its a big decision, but you've decided its the only way to get peace for your family. How do you do it?

Personally I would pilot a small plane into a mountain, parachuting to safety first.

PS: In this magical world there are no environmental repercussions.

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The "best way to die" is to put the instrument aside and do something else, such as go back to school...to teach! After a while, the "where is Joe Bloweau?" articles will give way to "The Legacy of Joe Bloweau" stories, and you can safely go back to playing for the school's amateur band without causing a ruckus. One very important thing: refuse all interviews and alter your appearance so that you look like "Joe Luchbox," instead. :afro:

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