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Ray LaMontagne


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i heard ray lamontagne's single 'trouble' played on my favourite radio show, the ray d'arcy show on todayfm , and i absolutely fell in love with this boy's voice. it's both strong and vulnerable, smoky and sweet, soulful and sexy. a few weeks later, ray lamontagne played live on the radio show. his speaking voice is very different from his singing voice, quiet and high-pitched somewhat like jeff buckley's. he is so unassuming and quite shy, reluctant to speak at any great length. his live version of 'trouble' just blew me away, causing the hairs on my arm to stand on end. he sings from the soul, which is one of the reasons why he's the first artist i've ever been happy to say reminds me in a strange way of jeff.

i finally found his album yesterday and, although i've only listened to it once so far, i love it already.

here's a link to his official website.

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