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can someone help me out please?

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"I said let's talk about it

As she walked out on me and slammed the door

But I just laugh about it

Cause she's always playing those games

Deep down I know she loves me

But she's got a funny way of showing me she cares....

Sometimes it's black

Sometimes it's white

Sometimes she's wrong

Sometimes I'm right

Sometimes we talk about it

Or we figure it out

But then she just changes her mind

Sometimes she's hot

Sometimes I'm cold

Sometimes my head wants to explode"

I am just wondering who sings this song and what the song is called. This is a male group. They sound like LFO (alternative style, if you don't know who LFO is).

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I think that may be the first time someone answered their own question! :laughing: You probably figured this out too, but in case anyone else is wondering, the name of the song is Every Other Time.

What does Mahalo mean? I assume it is Hawaiian. :)

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