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just a quick update. This has been maybe one of the longest and more excruciating days of my life. Mom's leg was removed today. She's in pain like I've never seen - mental anguish along with the physical. She's at the hospital now, and for the most part she's doing okay. Although she is starving herself to death. She weighs 85 lbs, and they are going to try to get her to agree to a feeding tube so she can get the nutrients she needs to heal. But she's not happy about it.

Anyway, I guess maybe the important thing is that she's alive. However, at what quality of life we have yet to discover.

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I hope your mother starts feeling better, Shawna. It's natural that she'd be depressed after such a surgery, but in time, she will learn that she is still very much alive and a whole person, and will come around.

All my best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to her.

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shawna, i'm sending lots of love to you.

i would like to ask for some thoughts, hopes, and prayers for the first time.

a dear friend of my mother's passed away last night after a long battle over the course of years with cancer. she was an amazing woman, strong, inspiring, vivacious and full of life. i would like to ask for your thoughts for her friends who supported her over the years, for your hopes for her sons, who will need to rebuild their lives and for your prayers that she will rest in peace.

thank you.

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My mother-in-law is having health problems, and she may be admitted to the hospital this week for evaluation. We think she had a "silent" stroke and is now suffering a bout of depression.

If she truly is depressed, she will need round the clock supervision....we both work full time, and my husband's brother will be pretty useless, so it's going to be hard emotionally and financially for us.

My husband and I had a talk last night about the course of action he needs to take. We don't want to jump the gun, since she has not been evaluated yet, but we both want to be prepared. No matter what, the next few weeks will be emotionally taxing for us.

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