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Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs


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You fools! The Beatles didn't make any bad songs!

That being said, I definetly prefer some of their songs to others, for instance I would take the Lennon songs off of Magical Mystery Tour over the McCartney ones any day. Alright, I'll admit that some of their songs aren't great, but as far as bands go, The Beatles have a pretty good percentage.

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I didn't think I could come up with ten. I came up with fifteen :crazy:

1 Misery

2 Ask Me Why

3 There's a Place

4 I've Just Seen a Face

5 What Goes On

6 Love You Too

7 Tomorrow Never Knows

8 Within You, Without You

9 Blue Jay Way

10 Long, Long, Long

11 Octopus's Garden

12 I've Got a Feeling

13 One After 909

14 Old Brown Shoe

15 You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

Dis-honorable mention to 3 covers by the Beatles

Till There Was You

Devil In Her Heart

Mr. Moonlight

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I agree that some early Beatles was teeny-bopper, but it was The Beatles. I wore those early albums out singing along to each song over and over, falling in love with John along the way. I will say that I get tired of "Yesterday" just overplayed for the most part. And "Yellow Submarine" tends to grate, but I can't say that I would not listen to any one of their songs. They were The Beatles, good bad and ugly. They began my musical journey and keep me on that musical journey to this day.

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