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Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs


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(Not in any order)

Revolution 9

Wild Honey pie

You Know my Name

Within You Without You

The Inner Light

Act Naturally

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

Why Don't We Do It in the Road

Across the Universe

(the Let it Be Naked version is wonderful, but the Past Masters 2 version with all the animal sounds just doesnt work for me.)

Dig A Pony

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Did anyone else hear that Paul McCartney removed Lennon from the Lennon/McCartney credit on "Yesterday?" The man's ego has it's own gravitational pull!

I heard he tried but I don´t think he finally did...

Don´t you remember when he tried to change "Lennon/McCartney" into "McCartney/Lennon" two years ago??? That was too much... that´s changing history!!! :stars:

Too good Yoko refused... :P

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Well, he did write it by himself. I think they only co-wrote the first handful of songs, but never changed the credits. They had all kinds of bad publishing deals at that time, so I don't really blame him. John probably would've done the same thing, if for nothing else than retaliation.

If John is a credited writer then Yoko gets paid. And we don't want that now, do we?

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I remember this incident from my college daze:

A brawny rugby player walked into the local greasy spoon while Hey Jude was playing merrily on the jukebox. Without a word, he pulled the machine away from the wall and pulled the plug. The place fell into dead silence. That was OK by me.


The White Album is such a mixed bag. It has some of the worst filler along with some of The Beatles' best songs. But which is which is such a subjective call.

I'd prefer that Rocky Racoon went away and died.

Rugby !? I swear sometimes I think Bazooka is a Communist agitator ... AGITATOR , mind you ! }:( :thumbsup: :( :doh:

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At the risk of being called insane, or a druggie (insanity is a possibility, I am not a druggie), I am going to admit that I enjoy listening to Revolution 9. I don't know why, I just do. By the way, I've heard it backwards, and it does seem to tell the story of a car crash (no I don't think Paul is dead, but it is interesting to hear).

On the other hand, I hate Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

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I personally like Yellow Submarine, Ob-la-di, Octopus' Garden and others that have been mentioned here. Actually, Revolution 9 barely makes my list and here it is:

1. She's Leaving Home

2. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

3. Within You Without You

4. The Inner Light

5. Yesterday

6. Flying

7. Mister Moonlight

8. Long Tall Sally (This sound is so common, not good Beatles work)

9. Wild Honey Pie

10. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Boring song)

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The real problem is, that its a complete matter of taste. The difference is who has good taste and who doesn't.

These would have to be my least favourite Beatles songs. For the majority, I think my taste is relatively good.

I happen to like I Want You (she's so heavy) as well. I don't see what you've got against it. Its just one of those songs that you have to listen to more than once.


Within You Without You

Yer Blues

Polythene Pam

Love You To

Dr Robert

Tomorrow Never Knows

Blue Jay Way


The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

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I Wanna Hold Your hand

I Saw Her Standing There

Love Me Do

...sappy, teeny-bopper lyrics.

UJ, in "I Saw Her Standing There" Paul wrote the most simple, yet perfect definition of what Rock and Roll is all about.

"Well she was just 17

You know what I mean"

bingo, he nailed it, nothing more to say...

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I know Ron, but then he had to go and say:

Well she looked at me, and I, I could see

That before too long I'd fall in love with her.

She wouldn't dance with another (whooh)

When I saw her standin' there.

Well, my heart went "boom,"

When I crossed that room,

And I held her hand in mine...

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