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I see... I just googled by images and didn´t find it... I remember it was a double album, it had maybe a heart on the cover???

I used to sell promo records every now and then, I must have sold some 5.000 or maybe more... during the last thirty years. I guess I sold that one too, or maybe some friend took it, who knows...

The cover looks more like a parachute, Edna.

Here's a link where you can see images of the front and back covers, inside, and the free poster that came with it. It also has track listing and album and artist info.

All This and World War II

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I really enjoy the covers performed by fingerstyle guitar artist Laurence Juber. You may remember him as a former guitarist for Wings. Also recently heard "And Your Bird Can Sing" by Matthew Sweet and Susana Hoffs on their very enjoyable album "Under the Covers".

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I think Joe Cocker's version of With A Little Help From My Friends is one of the all time best Beatles' covers. It was also the first time that three session musicians who were to become the future rhythm section of Led Zeppelin worked together.


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Old55 just told me it´s not "With a little help from my friends" where the three LedZeps play as session musicians, but Donovan´s "Hurdy Gurdy Man"... so I´m posting it here so you all know...

Thank you, Mr.55!! ;) :bow:

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