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Top 10 Beatles Songs


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This DEFINATELY could have used the search function ... ! It's almost absurd that someone new to the site would ask this ... or , perhaps we are in need of constant renewal ( possible ) !?

Currently ,

You Never Give Me Your Money


Savoy Truffle

I am the Walrus

Strawberry Fields

Day Tripper

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Maybe we should post the 10 Beatles songs we don´t like? That would be very easy

Edna....that would make more sense, wouldn't it.

I will not try to list my top ten Beatle songs because it is impossible. I will not choose over others which would deserve a top ten spot.

Call me a rebel!

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  • 3 months later...

Not really in order, would probabbly change tomorrow.

1. Revolution

2. I Want To Hold Your Hand

3. Rain

4. Strawberry Fields Forever

5. Mean Mr. Mustard to the end of Abbey Road (Polythene Pam in particular)

6. Come Together

7. A Day In The Life

8. I Saw Her Standing There

9. Taxman

10. I'm Only Sleeping

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Allow me to post probably the most generic and boring list so far:

1. Hey Jude

2. A Day In The Life

3. In My Life

4. Yesterday

5. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

6. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

7. Something

8. Let It Be

9. Back In The USSR

10. The Long And Winding Road

I tried to put at least one song that was not in the 1962-1966 or 1967-1970 compilations, but I just couldn't.

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I've only heard a couple of songs by the Beatles besides their 1 album and the Beatles Anthology, but here's mine...

1: Let It Be

2: Help!

3: We Can Work It Out

4: Eleanor Rigby

5: Eight Days A Week

6: Here Comes The Sun

7: Ticket To Ride

8: Lady Madonna

9: Come Together

10: Get Back

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old brown shoe

get back


savoy truffle

cry baby cry



martha my dear

hey jude

lucy in the sky

all you need is love

penny lane

strawberry fields

a day in life

hello good bye

maxwel silver hammer

the end/ her magisty

mean mr mustard

you never give me your money

oh darling

sexie sadie

helter skelter


octopus garden

here comes the sun

while my gutair....

bungalow bill

rocky racoon



wild honey pie

happiness is a warm gun

cry baby cry

im so tired

yer blues

dont pass me by

back in the ussr

number nine


why dont we do it in the road

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

i am the walrus

norigen wood

you got to hide your love away


elenor rigby

yelow sub

nowere man

drive my car

in my life

got to get me into my life


i also love here come the sun bangalesh style

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