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American Idol 06


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and his dancing is definitely unique that's for sure, although his moves kind of remind me of Joe Cocker.

I would suggest that to become a "star" from a programme like this, (whether American, UK or wherever), you've got to have something that sets you apart from the herd...In Taylor's case, I actually like his unconventional moves, because they're spontaneous and borne from his genuine enthusiasm for the music/performance, as opposed to the cliched body-language and rehearsed posturing so common to most of these "performers".

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Yay Laurie! The wedding is back on folks. Since we both live in the south, we'll be registered at both the Waffle House and the Cracker Barrel. Gift certificates from "Joe Bob's House of New and Slightly Used Motor Oil" will also be accepted.

My sweet b-f, I know you watch it later than we do, so what's acceptable to talk about? Obviously I wouldn't spill the beans about who is going home (we find out tonight). But is it okay if we talk about the performances? I love so much that you actually watch this crap that I don't want to put you off from reading this thread.

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Thank you, b-f. Chris was wonderful and beautiful and pulled it off spectacularly. I love that bald little man. The rest were about half and half. Taylor is the man and definitely picked the right song for himself. Mandisa is the bomb...I don't think she can do any wrong.

Kevin, on the other hand...ugh. I'm glad Johnny Cochrane is dead, because he is the only person who could get Kevin off for the murder of that song.

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The girl who got kicked out did lately... Melissa. she forgot her lyrics. I expected her to go last week.

I KNEW Chris would do higher ground... i KNEW ir... it is such an immensly rockable song. It reminded me of the Chili Peppers more than Stevie. :D

I love Taylor... he is cool!

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my brother taped it for me yesterday while i was shopping so i watched it last night in a hurry before going out.

elliott is fab - so sweet in the vt with stevie!

mandisa is amazing!

chris rocked - that guy needs a kick*ss band behind him and he could make it big!

taylor is cool! and he did a fantastic job this week!!

katharine has the most gorgeous voice and she's sooooo pretty - i seethe with jealousy when she's on.

paris was great as usual!

bucky has a very limited range but he does quite well with what we has.

lisa was quite good but didn't look comfortable.

kellie is sweet. she didn't do anything amazing but she put in a solid performance.

ace was terrible - he is so hot and cold.

kevin and melissa, i listened to a few bars and then fastforwarded because i couldn't take anymore!

i have to say, for the final twelve of some ten thousand auditionees or something, it's not that impressive! maybe things will pick up now that we're in the better format.

i wonder what the theme will be next week!

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