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American Idol 06

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He gave me chills...

It was definitely a good night for (almost) everyone.

Does Elliot look like a serial killer to anyone else but me?

Honestly Elvy, he reminds me of my youngest son. ;) More the quiet personality than the looks though. I like Elliot, he just needs to cut loose.

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Chris was great....That guy has one heck of a voice!.....I don't know why Simon thinks that Katherine is so wonderful....I think she's boring!

Chris: bad song choice. "Wonderful World" is a "classic" but this was just "superior karaoke"

Catherine: far and away the most compelling performance of this week's show, despite her genre being...well...not what I would normally go for...She was wonderful, in comparison to most of the others.

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I agree with you b-f I think Catherine by far is the most talented of the bunch. I have no idea how they are going to do with this opera dude coming up on the next show. I like Taylor, but I can't see him doing a love song. I look for Catherine to shine again. The little fella Elliot may do all right with this genre.


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I just have to get some stuff off my mind regarding the season finale:

1) Taylor Hicks singing "In The Ghetto" with Toni Braxton made me uncomfortable. She tried to rachet up some fake sexual tension (to "In The Ghetto"!!!) and Taylor looked like a guy who had been dragged to Hooter's against his will. She sang in her breathy style, so you couldn't hear her, but I'll always remember the awkward attempt to get Taylor to put his paws on her hips.

2) Having Prince perform on the show blows away any notion that these Idols are real performers. This is like having LeBron James play a few minutes of a high school basketball game. Mary J. had a swagger that showed the difference between amateur and pro, but Prince is just too good for this venue.

3) Elliott's song on Itunes is really good. I downloaded it.

4) Having Taylor and Katherine perform the Dirty Dancing song was delightfully cheesy. It was like when you go to Disney World and enter that magical state where you suspend reality and enter an alternate universe where everything is happy. Brilliant.

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I was thinking the same thing about Toni Braxton. I could not see why she was trying to Sexualise 'In the Ghetto.' You don't need to gyrate while singing about a cold little boy with a ruuny nose. :thumbsdown:

And Mary J. Blige completely overshadowed Elliot. He may as well have not been there. Okay, so she's a professional, but no need to be mean to him.

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missed some of the final and results show but what i saw was awful! mary j blige is a tosser. toni braxton seemed like she was on drugs and that hands on the hip moment was cringical in the extreme. clay aiken sang woefully and looked horrendous. kat's single was atrocious and she sang it terribly. taylor rocked. worst of all were the 'golden idol' awards. it's one thing to make fun of people in the first few shows of the series but to do it again like that in an auditorium of thousands of people laughing is just mean. :thumbsdown:

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I got a kick out of my wife's observation that this was the most over-hyped and glorified karaoke contest imaginable - karaoke is supposed to be fun , and entertainment for friends , and a release for the singer - not in any way a contest, nor a comparison of skills .

Average performers remain mundane , usually , regardless of backup , and especially riding the songs of others - a few can rise above - but this show is unlikely to do that for most .

What I hope is that the cultural bias that we have that if you can't ' sing ' - shuddup ! - will be put to rest . Let yourselves be heard ! :)

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They're down to 24 contestants. There are too many of them to suss out right now, but I wanted to go ahead and lay claim to Chris Daughtry. Love, love, love him. I dig the bald head and crazy mutton chops. He can sing Bon Jovi to me all night long, baby.

Idol's on tonight and I just don't care. I've been rereading these old threads trying to muster up some enthusiasm for the soul sucking machine that is AI and came across this prescient post of mine. I wrote this on February 22, 2006. I've officially been in love with the bald head and crazy mutton chops for almost 2 years. That's longer than most relationships I've had, Mr. Peaches notwithstanding.

Suck it, Daughtry doubters! :rockon:

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Did you know that the aforementioned bald rock idol's latest song was written by the same writers that brought us:

"I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"

"It's Gonna Be Me"

"Oops! I Did It Again"


"Let U Go" by something called "Ashley Parker Angel"

And also hits by S Club 7 and Ryan Cabrera!

The integrity just oozes from that glistening pate and those intimidating wristbands.


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