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American Idol 06

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Batman, I just read your post and I have to agree almost completely with you. That was my first response to 'We Will Rock you'... WHY??? Why would you pick THAT song? Insanity... it is the worst song you can pick.

Bucky = disaster... I don't understand how he got past auditions... he started the show and maimed the song.

Kelly... she was good, but I don't like her and I'd rather she not do Queen thank you... she's such a ditz that I hate the fact that she can sing.

Ditto Paris - she's got a great voice and she was good... but eh... somethng wasn't there... it's like it wasn't Queen to her... it was just another song, and that's not good.

I loved Taylor! I think he was great and maybe the song wasn't the hardest in the world but after Chris he was my only hope and he did good... in my eyes and to my ears

Chris, Chris, Chris... why? Why would you pick such an obscure song? I had my hopes pinned on you and I understand the reasons you wouldn't pick the most well-known songs... yes, yes, you probably know more about Queen than the rest, but how about something... else? Something I can sing along to?

Katherine... tsk... she changed her song. When she said she was going to do 'Don't Stop Me... " I was so happy! Finally someone picked a good song. But nooo I must change it to a depressing weepy weepy one. Pfft!

Elliot... HOW can you not have heardSomebody To Love till last week? In the words of Mr R. Jackson... Duuuude! Meh, ok, fine. Nothing to write home about.

In conslusion, I would like to say.. I MISS MANDISA!!!! She would have kicked ass doing Queen and I think she'd have done Mr. Mercury justice.

Thank you for your patience.I'm done now. :)

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I missed a week through being on holiday in a cottage with no TV. So now I'm up to speed on "who's still there", but I'm struggling to imagine what must have happened in the week I missed...

So Mandisa (the outstanding performer week-in, week-out) attempted an avant-free-form jazz-metal arrangement of "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"... During the climactic power-chord finale, she turns her back to the camera, and dropping her hot-pants to reveal a goat's head tattoo on her butt and the legend "Servant Of His Satanic Majesty" writ large thereunder.

Am I getting warm? :confused:

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