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American Idol 06

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I have not seen this show in the past years, and decided to watch it this year, for the heck of it...and it's hysterical...I can't believe of some of the people they said yes to....I suppose they got to let a few loonies through for awhile to make it interesting.

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SOme of the people on this show last night....very weird.

There seriously was a guy that i could have mistaken for a chick. It was really bad....even the judges mistaked HIM. The hair, the clothes, the dude even had the body figure. I mean, whatever tickles your pickle.

Then they decided to let Country Boy in which i thought was a good gesture, cause with lessons i really think he could go far.

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Brad and I watched the show Tuesday, but I couldn't see it last night. We laughed hysterically at these people! Seriously, what makes them think they can actually sing? I always agree with Simon. There's only been 3 times that I haven't, and that's when he let the people through that I didn't think should have gone. I think Simon's a blast.

There was a grandmother on Tuesday night whose grandson didn't get through (the boy/girl Psycho's talking about, I think) and she confronted Simon. Simon said, "You're giving your grandson false hope." She said, "I'm his grandmother, what's wrong with that?"

Oh, so very much is wrong with that...

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I think the farmer kid could make it really far, if he makes it to the part where you call in to vote. He's got the charm that America prefers over musical talent. Not to say he isn't talented, because he is talented, I'm just saying his personality would help him a lot.

With Zachary (the womanish man) I knew what was coming from the moment they showed his high heels, and Ryan said that we'd all be shocked.

My favorite was 2 nights ago, the really crazy guy who communicates with animals. And then there was that middle eastern guy wearing a dress singing "Lady Marmalade." And then there was the "enchapu...enchapunur," who you can call Flawless. Or the guy who invented cosmic coasters. "You can kiss my butt!" Or last night when that one rocker tried out.

Simon: I'm already bored of you

Rocker: You know what, I'm bored of you!

Simon: Good, then leave

Rocker: Fine then, I will! I don't even care!

The true whiny punk spirit! I love it. What I hate, though, are all the people who you can tell are trying to be funny to get on TV.

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I'm sick of these idol shows now, we always have the american idol series, plus I think one of the british ones have been played, plus both Australian and New Zealand idol series.

It's such overkill, plus it's only really interesting during auditions.

New Zealand idol is just awful, the past two winners are so boring, and their "hit" songs are awful slow ballad things with nothing extra which bore me. Our idols have their fifteen minutes of fame and then fade away. I mean have any of you songfacts people heard of Ben Lummus?

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they actually started showing it yesterday much to my excitement since i was having one of those days where i barely left the couch, except to get more food and tea. they showed a double episode so we can't be too far behind ye - we saw the audition episodes from chicago and denver. it was pretty entertaining but sometimes the judges are just a bit too rude and that gives me a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach - not so entertaining! however, i do agree with simon almost 100% of the time. he really does know talent when he sees it. but he is so intolerant of anything remotely left of the middle. they all kind of lack a sense of humour too.

i was dreaming all last night that they came to ireland to do irish idol! i dreamt the auditions of all my friends and family, including my own where randy got up and started dancing with me and we magically did our own little routine. straaaaaange!

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On last week's show (Jan 17) there was a cop, who came on and said he was going to sing I Shot The Sheriff. It was the most hilarious thing I saw. He repeated in tune I Shot The Sheriff 7 or 8 times. I was waiting for him to get into the song but he just kept singing the title of the song. I was in tears from laughter.

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best quotes from last night's episode:

"If me and Paula went out on the street, nobody would think she's a celebrity, but they'd all think I'm a celebrity, and that's a fact!"

"Please Simon, I want this more than a whole bag of gummy worms!"

Paula: Have you ever taken any vocal lessons?

contestant: Yeah, I got yours and Randy's DVD

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