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Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever..


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Loud Green Song ~ Patto (Ollie Halsell)

Funny, it´s the first time I see Ollie Halsall mentioned here... I had almost forgotten about him myself. He played with many different people such as Robert Fripp, John Cale or Petula Clark (he plays guitar in "Downtown"...)

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Amy..how did you come up with Brighton rock at age 18??? That is an all-time favorite of mine and one of the greatest guitar efforts ever...nice call.

Thanks to my mother, i grew up listening to Queen ;)

Then i grew into Zeppelin a couple years ago, but Queen's music is still my favorite :3

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I start to forget how rock oriented songfacts is. Here's my top 10:

1. Facing West - Pat Metheny

2. Easter - Steve Rothery (Marillion)

3. Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix

4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

5. All Blues - George Benson

6. West Coast Blues - Wes Montgomery

7. Chords Of Life - Joe Satriani

8. Crossroads - Eric Clapton (Cream)

9. Down By The River - Neil Young

10. Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny

Quite a contrast there. . . but that's what music is all about isn't it?

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A few that I don't think have been mentioned that are worth a listen:

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"- Clapton w/ Beatles

"Tales of Brave Ulysses"- Cream (also Clapton, of course)

"Sweet Child O' Mine"- Guns N' Roses (Slash)

"Orion"- Metallica

Anything from Electric Ladyland (or Hendrix period, but I love this album so much)

"Thunderstruck"- AC/DC (Angus Young)

"In My Time of Dying"- Led Zeppelin (Page)

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Other honorable mentions to those already stated..

I'm Goin' Home - Ten Years After (Alvin Lee) Woodstock.

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) UnLedded version.

America - Yes (Steve Howe)[Original by Paul Simon]

Purple Rain - Prince

I would also include the entire album "Friday Night San Francisco" by John Mclaughlin, Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia. Jaw dropping playing throughout. YouTube Taster Here

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Texas Flood - SRV

Crossroads - Cream

Comfortably numb - Pink Floyd

November rain - GnR

Hot for teacher - Van Halen

Sharp dressed man - ZZ top

Master of puppets - Metallica

Black hole sun - Soundgarden

Sultans of swing - Dire Straits

Cemetary gates - Pantera

Little sister - Queens of the stone age

Sweet child of mine - GnR

Killer Queen - Queen

I feel inspired after playing Guitar Hero ;)

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He's Alright, But Not As Good As Joe Satriani Or SRV Or Anything. I Used To Have A Compilation Cassette Back In The Day, Which Had About A Dozen Solo Guitarists With Their Premiere Signature Track. My Friends Would Rate Them & Think That We Were Better Players (Not Me, I Played Bass & Had To Sit This One Out)

Sloppy Fret Handling & Power Chord Extensions Are A Recipe For Disaster.

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Favourite 10:

1. Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin

2. Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd

3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part one)- Pink Floyd

4. Dazed And Confused- Led Zeppelin

5. Money- Pink Floyd

6. Rotten Apple- Alice In Chains

7. Time- Pink Floyd

8. Hey You- Pink Floyd

9. Panda- Dungen

10. Here Again- Rush

Those might not be in order.

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Some of my favorites:

-"Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix. Everyone always mentions "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", but as a serious Hendrix fan, I think this is possibly Jimi's greatest solo.

-"The End" by The Beatles. What a way to end a career!

-"Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin

-"Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Especially the beginning of the song.

-"We Will Rock You" by Queen

-"Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd

-"Doesn't Remind Me" by Audioslave. A great modern rock song.

I couldn't possibly begin to compile a top-ten list of the all-time greatest solos. I'd have to hear all the already-mentioned solos and then some to rank them at all.

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