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Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever..


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Some of my favorites are :rockon:

"My Sharona" - The Knack

"Slow Ride" - Foghat

"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd

"Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent

"Highway Star" - Deep Purple

"Sultans Of Swing" - Dire Straits

"Reeling In The Years" - Steely Dan

"25 or 6 to 4" - Chicago

That's all I can think of right now but I know there are more that make me say "Wow, great solo". :thumbsup:

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David Gilmour/Pink Floyd - "Time"

George Harrison/Beatles - "Something"

Eric Clapton/Beatles - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Eliot Easton/Cars - "Just What I Needed"

Dickie Betts/Allman Brothers - Fillmore East version of "Whipping Post"

Prince - "Let's Go Crazy"

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Some of my favorites are :rockon:

"My Sharona" - The Knack

Finally....somebody who agrees with me on this one!....Definitely one of the best one-hit wonders ever!

I think the solo has to fit perfectly into the song to be considered "great".....not just some speedy solo or some long, drawn-out, I'm-just-showing-off-my-talent pile o' crap, or one where the producer says (in my best British record producer voice), "Boys, I think if you just added a three-minute solo, this song could be a real smash."

Some of my favorites are:

"Hotel California" (probably the best ever)

"Stairway To Heaven" (obviously)

"Civil War"

"Train Kept A Rollin'" (Aerosmith's version, of course)

"Iron Man"


"Golden Country" (REO Speedwagon's best)

"Freebird" (of course)

"Green Grass and High Tides" (the poor man's Freebird)

"Middle Of The Road" (The Pretenders)

"Hand Of Fate"

and "Shine A Light" featuring Mick F***in' Taylor on the axe

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :guitar:

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My list...

1. King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (this solo is the stuff of nightmares)

2. Deep Purple - Child in Time

3. Rainbow - Stargazer

And the rest, in no particular order:

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (really overrated solo, but a classic to listen to anyway)

Yes - Starship Trooper

High Rise - Sadame

The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray

I'd also love to see someone make a guitar version of Beethoven's 7th symphony, there's a bit that'd sound great as a guitar solo.

p.s. No Offence to EVH but i don't consider Eruption to be a solo, IMO it looks more like an exercise for advanced technique rather than anything else.

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Just saw a video with Jeff Beck playing "Mustang Sally" with Buddy Guy....Great Guitar.... :guitar:

Two of my all time favorite artists!!! :bow:

How 'bout...

Voodoo Child (slight return) ~ jimi

Surfing With The Alien ~ Satriani

Ramblin Man ~ Dickie Betts ( Allman Bros.)

Heartbreaker ~ Jimmy Page

Highway 61 Revisited ~ Johnny Winter

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Agree that Jimmie Page is an outstanding guitarist. Here're some great solos by a other artists:

Loud Green Song ~ Patto (Ollie Halsell)

Forgotten Roads ~ If

When the Music's Over ~ Doors

Rattlesnake Shake ~ Fleetwood Mac

Screamin´ ~ Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Lost Angeles ~ Colloseum

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