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My 15 seconds of fame!


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Well guys, i had a chance to be in a commercial, and i took that chance! Its an Anti-Meth commercial that was filmed by students here in Alabama. Ive been in other small time commercials and stuff but this was pretty big for me. I had a speaking role*one word*. But one time i was an extra in a movie called Constellation with Billy Dee Williams.

ANYWAYZ!! If you guys care to see me in the commercial....here is the website that you can view it at...before it hits TV.

Dreammaker Entertainment

Just scroll down a little til you see "Dreammaker Entertainment" Film 101 PSA Meth=Death. Then click Download Video. Its small.

Now...you will know when my part is coming up when you see an African American man at a whiteboard that says Meth=Death...ill be RIGHT AFTER him. Its short, but hey, its exciting for me!

Haha, tell me what you think! Please!

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Umm...OK..id uh like to thank the Academy! My mom, my dad! My AMAZINGLY AWESOME BEAUTIFUL Girlfriend Brittany!! Michael Moore, Stephen Speilburg, Robin Williams, and William Shatner*your kidney stone was lucky*!

ALL MY FRIENDS AT SONGFACTS!!! My Uncle Joe! My Mama Peaches!

To the guys who taught me life and music lessons! Kevin, Brad, Sammy, Jr.,Ron, Marc, Batman, Floyd, Scott, Bazooka, Das, Don, MindCrime, XXX, Diggs, Carl, Blues, Jimmy and my up and coming bro Fintan!

To My Music Mentors Old 55, Ken and Muziktyme!!

To all the Beautiful women who keep me goin! Edna, HD, Shawna, Foxy, Laurie, Radhika, Jenny, Earth Angel, and Rachel, Elvish, Soulgirl, Jilliane, Mairi, Jane, Cee Cee, Karhul, Sara!


Umm...if i forgot anybody im sorry! OO Im so emotional! This is for you guys! THIS IS FOR YOU! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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