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OLD 55's Yearly Top 10 Singles Of The Rock Era

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The song was released by the end of 1981, I guess it took some time to get to the American # 1... :) but that´s just a question of some months... I remember it was a huge hit for a long time, you couldn´t go to a disco without hearing that song...

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It went to #1 on the Official U.K. Charts on 12 December 1981, and stayed there for another 4 weeks - 19 and 26 December 81, and 2 and 9 January 82. I appreciate both your views and wouldn't have a problem with placing it in either year.

However, I don't think it's fair to "split" the Points Allocation I use over two years, so I decided to include it in 1981 for the U.K. It was probably a Hit in other parts of Europe then too ?

It entered the U.S. Charts on 6 March 1982 and the Australian Charts on 2 June'82.


It's not at all uncommon for some songs to chart months apart in different Countries. For example, "Down Under" by Australian Group Men At Work entered the:

Australian Charts in 1981, U.S. in 1982, U.K. in 1983. It reached #1 on all three.


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No worries at all ! That's the most discussion we've ever had here. I can't wait for the ladies' reactions when we get to all the U.K. Pretty Boys of Pop soon. I have to admit that Rick Springfield wasn't a bad looking guy.

Maybe we could have a "Pop Spunk" of the Year, or is that just an Australian expression ? And for the guys we could have a "Pop Chick".

Let's see, 1981 - that would have to be either Debbie Harry from Blondie or that cute little Scot Sheena Easton.

Boy George will have his own category.


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