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I was going through my emails and Uncle Joes Rockapella songfile influenced this post. In addition to his information, here is some that i found:

Long ago and far away in Providence, Rhode Island,

a few young men began something which over the next decade would build from a collegiate hobby into a national phenomenon...

Often imitated; never duplicated, this certifiably unique pop musical group has taken the previously stodgy music genre of a cappella and brought it full-force into the 21st century. Their story is like no other, and they create a sound and impression like no one else!

Rockapella Official Site!

This is and has been my favorite accapella group since Carmen Sandiego. Yes...they were the group that sang the theme song! I have a deep bass voice and barbershop music has a place in my heart!

They do a rendition of a bunch of Beatles songs rolled into one called "Beatles Medley" If you get a chance...look it up! Its AWESOME! If i had someway to send it to everybody...i would! If you guys would like me to send it...just send me a private message with your email!

Gimme your thoughts on this group if you have heard them! PEACE! And thanks for the influence on this Uncle Joe!

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Rockapella sounds bright, cheery, and kinda like "The Lettermen." A slight problem cropped up when I clicked on the link. Opera 8.51 heard nothing except a popup which it supressed. When the jukebox was relaunched, it was "Simon & Garfunkel" (The sounds of silence). Ditto for Firefox 1.5. As a last resort, I launched Safari 2.x and "S&G" showed up again. (I surf the Web on a Mac PowerBook to avoid Windows problems.) I emptied Safari's cache and heard the usual "dialup stutter" music, which may be worth having to relog hither and yon to refill ye cache. (I don't use Intergnat Exploder because I don't fancy getting old while waiting for a page to load.) Oh yes, when I saw "Rockapella," for some odd reason "The Nylons" came to mind. All in all a fine site, but technology does get in the way of the music. :coolio:

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