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Tell Me About The Eagles


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The Eagles:

Rock group formed in Los Angeles, CA USA

Original members:

Glenn Frey

Don Henley

Bernie Leadon

Randy Meisner

Don Felder joined in 1975.

Joe Walsh replaced Bernie Leadon in 1976.

Timothy B. Schmit replaced Randy Meisner in 1977.

The group disbanded in 1982.

Reunited again in 1994 with members:




Walsh Schmit

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

From 1972 thru 1981 they had 16 U.S. Top 40 hits which 5 of them were #1.

They also had 2 more U.S. Top 40 hits after reuniting.

You can't go wrong with any Eages albums but their best has got to be 'Hotel California' which included 2 #1 hits ("Hotel California" and "New Kid In Town") and also the Top 20 hit "Life In The Fast Lane".

They have 2 greatest hits albums which are MUST HAVES!

The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975

The Eagles Greatest Hits Vol.2 (which covers the years 1976 thru 1980)

Click on the "Amazon" link at the top of the page and search for "The Eagles" and you can check out all their albums and listen to song clips.

A few other worthwhile songs to mention that are not on the Greatest Hits albums but are worth checking out because they are great songs are:

"On The Border" and "James Dean" (both from the 1974 album 'On The Border')

"In The City", "Those Shoes", and The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks" (all from the 1979 album 'The Long Run')

"All Night Long" (by Joe Walsh from the movie 'Urban Cowboy' and is also included on 1980 album 'The Eagles Live')

"Get Over It" and "Love Will Keep Us Alive" (from the 1994 album 'Hell Freezes Over").

Also check out their recording of "Please Come Home For Christmas".

To sum it up for you:

The Eagles:

:guitar: :drummer:

:rockon: :bow: :rockon: :bow:

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Two of my favourite Eagles songs are'Certain Kind Of Fool' from the album Desperado and 'Too Many Hands' from One Of These Nights. Great tracks both sung by Randy Meisner, the original bass player.

I was fortunate to see the Eagles live in November 2004. I think they went to New Zealand.

Where is that Eagles freak Bella?!?! She's just about worn out her dvds of 'Hell Freezes Over' and 'Farewell 1', :D

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As Brad mentioned, all of the Eagles' material is great.

Two of my favourite (non-hit) Eagles tunes are King Of Hollywood from The Long Run album and Pretty Maids All In A Row from the Hotel California album.

It's a shame that they recently kicked Don Felder out of the band. The chemistry between him and Joe Walsh was fabulous.

:guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

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I saw them at an open-air 'beautiful-people' fest near L.A. many years ago. To be honest I don't remember much about the music except that I was suprised at the number of songs I knew. What I do remember though was the crowd. Not an ugly person amongst them, except for a small group of tiddly Brits who had snuck in for free expecting to see Metallica....


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