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Soundtrack to Insanity

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I wrote this paper for English class. It's rather lengthy..so I'm just gonna post bits at a time...

“Here comes the sun.

Here comes the sun,

And I say it's all rightâ€

~The Beatles~

“Here Comes the Sun†by The Beatles is the song that I have chosen off of my happy CD. A few years back I was going through a time of depression and extreme sadness. I was lost and suicidal; I didn’t know what to do. One day while sitting on my bed, I was feeling very depressed. I felt like I was slipping into madness because it was so bad. Then one of the most important events of my life happened. I heard the words quoted above coming from the speaker of my stereo set-up. I was blown away. This song instilled into me a feeling of hope. To me this song means that no matter what problems you have in your life everything will be all right. Though tomorrow brings new problems and new obstacles, it also brings new solutions and ways to overcome those obstacles. When George Harrison sings the line “It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter†I think he is singing about a state of depression, or any other kind of hard time. This could be anything from a fight with a friend or a loved one dying, to depression, or loneliness. When the sun comes out in the song I think that it symbolizes the coming of hope, or a moment of clarity where everything suddenly makes sense. This is only one take on the song. Another take on the song is that it’s about The Beatles themselves. This song was written by Harrison in a garden belonging to Eric Clapton. According to this interpretation of the song the “long, cold, lonely winter†is symbolic of the late sixties when there was a great amount of fighting amongst The Beatles. The sun in the song could very well be the recording session for The Beatles album Abbey Road. With the recording of this album came newfound warmth amongst the band, which lead to one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll albums of all time. Either way this song is a great ballad of happiness, good times, and above all, hope.

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