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Who is you favorite Canadian band - eh?


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Haven't researched them thuroughly, maybe you all can help me expand the list. I know April wine , The Guess who (and of course Randy Bachman) Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO), Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane/Red Rider , Steppenwolf, Neil Young I know I am forgetting probably some newer ones, but I'm old and listen to the old stuff mostly. ::

My absolute most favorite band from the great white north is of course - * RUSH * - Guys and gals, if you haven't experienced the the sound created by Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart (worlds greatest drummer) :drummer: then you are missing out! YYZ from Moving Pictures and the live performance or Exit stage left...

Hopefully if you are from the younger generation 15-25 years old - you have to given these guys a hard listen, you won't regret it!

Ok, I've given you the question and my answer... What's your favorite Canadian band?

Rock on -eh! :shades:

~ Mike

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Well i'm not sure if they count as "Canadian" but four of their five members were born in Canada so no question my favorite would be The Band. Them being one of the most talented, influential, idiosyncratic and critically acclaimed groups of the late '60's to mid '70's.

Robbie Robertson (lead guitar), one of the finest songwriters of the rock era, Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophone), an instrumental virtuoso, Levon Helm (drums), Rick Danko (bass, guitar) and Richard Manuel (piano) all fine musicians and co-lead singers, make up the group.

Also the rock documentary of their farewell performance, The Last Waltz by Martin Scorcese, is one of my favorite films.


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There are a lot of great bands from here. Recently at Granville Green-THE BIGGEST OUTDOOR CONCERT SERIES IN NORTH AMERICA in my town!!!!!!!The beautiful 4,000 person Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia

I saw Chiliwak,obviously from Chiliwak out west, and they've been around since the 70's and they are still rockin'. Obviously Rush is a fantastic band. The Band are wonderful as Annabelle pointed out. uh The Bare Naked Ladies are great. The Tragically Hip.


I'm gonna say my fav is.........Who else???? NEIL YOUNG baby

:rockon: :guitar:

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THE BAND i cant believe how

they have only been mentioned once(annabelle)

i really thought these guys would be everyones favorite Canadian band

these guys invented ROCK music in 1966 on tour with Dylan

before this there was only R & B , Pop, R&R,JAZZ, BLUES

Country this band put all that together and came up with Rock music

wheres the Gratitude People

you need to go and listen to MUSIC FROM BIG PINK :doh:

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I saw Rush on Saturday in Pennsylvania. They played for over three hours, jammed a lot, but cut out a lot of their more popular songs. However, they did do "Trees", "Limelight", "YYZ" and "2112". The show was great. They are three truly great musicians.

I saw them last year at the SARSfest in Toronto. They only played a short set (about 8 songs) but they were cool. Everyone should see them at least once in their lifetime.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:

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