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Happy Birthday Sue


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Hi Sue. Let me be first to wish you Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hi Sue. Shawna here.

Happy Birthday! :)


Get out of here Shawna. I said I wanted to be first.

Happy Birthday Sue! :)

Too late Brad. I already said it. I was first! :laughing:

Knock it off Shawna. Sue knows I got on the fence first. Don't you, Sue? :puppyeyes:

Yeah, but you only said "Happy". That doesn't count. :P

Yes it does. You pushed me. }:(

Did not! You fell off. :angel:

I did not! And you know it! :beady:

Hehehe }:|

Ok, You'll never admit it anyways. Let's just wish Sue a Happy Birthday together.



Knock it off, Brad! I saw you wink at her. :beady:

I did not! :jester:

You did too! Look up there! ^

I had something in my eye. :angel:

You lying b*st*rd, you. Get over here! :beady:

...... :help:

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