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Most Underrated Rock Groups


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I'm a newbie guys so take it easy on me if this has already been done. I was wondering who you guys and gals thought would be considered underrated as a rock performer. It might be a solo act or a group.

My two that I would throw out there would be:

The Buckinghams. A brass band sound with great vocals, sort of like Chicago. Their 1967 hit Kind of A Drag was the number one song of the 1967 graduating class of Hungtinton East High.

Jay And The Americans. Man Jay Black can belt out a tune. They were caught up with British invasion and kind of got overlooked. Their cover of the Drifters "This Magic Moment" in my opinon is better than the original. Cara Mia speaks for itself. I'm probably wrong because its been so dog gone long ago, but it seemed like after President Kennedy was assasinated a lot of the stations played "Only in America" frequently.


Marshall University, 1971

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