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a REAL scary movie

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I believe we don't get as frightened of scary movies as we used to because we seem to expect a lot of what is coming up next and it spoils the impact.

Remember the first few horror movies that you saw as a child or teenager and you can remember being really scared, but as we get older and see more of them they don't have the same effect.

That's why I still really enjoy horror films even if I'm not too scared or if it's all been done before. As long as I'm slightly chilled, I'm still satisfied.

Take Saw 1 for example. I wasn't shaking in my seat but I walked out of the theater thinking to myself, "that was F-in' cool.

I find that "atmosphere" can make a big difference when watching a scary movie.

That's why it is best to watch them at home with all the lights turned out and the volume turned up instead of watching them in the theater where there can be all kinds of distractions.

Recently viewed movies that I liked (all watched at home in the dark, of course):

> The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 remake)

> Jeepers Creepers 2

> Resident Evil: Apocalypse

> Darkness Falls

> The Evil Dead

I haven't seen any newer horror movies lately, but on my list are:

> Saw II

> Hostel

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The Amityville Horror 2 which came out around 1983. My wife and I were watching the movie before we went to sleep one night some twenty odd years ago. During the night an elderly neighbor who lived above us continued coughing and making other noises throughout the night. Between the movie and my neighbor I had a restless night. At one point I asked my wife if she thought I should go upstairs and see if the neighbor was OK. She said her son should be looking after her. The next morning we found out the woman had passed away. Her son was on a fishing trip that weekend.

I have not watched any movie about Amityville since then!

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Final Destination 1 or 2

I saw final destination the other day, I was scared until the guy from American Pie's head came off, and then I had to laugh.

But then that's me, I see a scary movie, but I don't get really scared, I'm not a jumpy person.

I just end up looking over my shoulder a lot afterwards, in case something was to jump out at me- usually whoever I watched the movie with.

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