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The Third Best Live Album of Alltime. (A Necessity fro anyone who loves liv


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Free. Rodgers, Kossof, Kirke, and Fraser. The remastering of this classic live album is impeccable and the bonus tracks are a must for any ardent Free fan.

The original album (consisting of tracks one through eight)are stellar. The album kicks off with the classic, "All Rigth Now"

This song basically shaped all of AC/DC's material in both the Bon Scott Era (the better era of AC/DC) and the Brian Johnson Era. A Free neophyte would easily asscocite the opening track, "All Rigth Now" with AC/DC, an rightly so.

"Be My Friend" and "Get to Where I Belong" are a couple of best slow, riff-rocking, awe-inspiring songs on this album and it is truly an experience to here it live.

One may be inclined to inquire. what are the better live albums than Free Live?

They are:

1. How the West Was Won-Led Zeppelin

2. On Your Feet or On Your Knees-Blue Oyster Cult

IMPORTANT: Free Live is a perfect amalgamtion of the two aforementioned live albums. First, Free Live is remastered, like How The West Was Won. Secondly, this album is one CD runs about 77 minuted long, like On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. You will not find blazing guitar solos, although their are some outstanding ones included in this album, this more of a vocals ephasized album, not guitar oriented album.

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