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Movie The christmas shoes

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:) Help, I really want to buy this movie "The Christmas shoes" It is such a great movie and should be shown more often... The song is very popular and its worth seeing the movie to have the whole picture.. Please tell me how I can get ahold of this movie!!!!!
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This is a made-for-television movie and was not commercially released in the United States.

I believe it has been released in Europe.

You can find original region 2 DVDs from Europe and also pirated region 1 DVDs of this movie on eBay from auctions and from eBay stores.

"The Chriatmas Shoes" - eBay auctions and stores

Costly because of the rarity, make sure your DVD player can play region 2 DVDs before ordering if you decide to purchase the region 2 disc. On the other hand, copied DVDs can be good quality also.

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