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Anyone else here like to go garage sailing? I love to, in the summer I just go out around town and pick up some great deals, for example last friday I went out and picked up a crap load of CDs for fifty cents a piece! I got some great ones too.


2)R.E.M.-Automatic For The People

3)Songs for the Mother Ocean-various(good collection, got some Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ramones)

4)Wedding Singer Soundtrack-Various(I got it for 2 songs, a Police one, and Adam Sandlers "Somebody Kill Me")

5)Batman and Robin soundtrack-various(had a good R.E.M. song on it, and for 50 cents who cares if everything else is crap!)

6)The Traveling Wilburys vol. 3-The Traveling Wilburys(What a huge freakin' score, its so hard to find those things!)

7)Rod Stewart Mercury Anthology-Rod Stewart (2 dick set of good early Rod Stewart, and for 50 cents!!! and no scratches whats so ever! It's like the person barely listened to it)

8)Blood Sugar Sex Magic-RHCP(I love this CD! I've listened to "Suck My Kiss" (what a total kicka** song!) at least a hundred times since I bought it)

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WOW!! That 'Rod Stewart' anthology was a steal! Classic Rod rawks!!

I have a friend who goes to lots of flea markets, etc., and just last weekend picked up Paul Stanley's solo LP still in the original wrapping!! He's not a KISS fan and even though I'm sure he could get a pretty penny on ebay or whatever, he's keeping it. Yep, something I would do.

Congrats on your investments!!


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Yeah I'm pretty happy I picked up that Stewart CD, I've listened to Gasoline Alley and Maggie a ton of times since I got it.

My fav of Rod's is his version of "(I Know) I'm Losing You." I wasn't even 10 years old when I used to listen to it (on 8-track). As a youngen, that drum solo in the middle was awesome!

My older brothers had "Every Picture Tells a Story" on 8-track and along with tons of other material they had (and my parents), I grew up with a lot of diversity in music. I was nine when I played that tape and listened to "I'm Losing You," "Mandolin Wind," and "Reason to Believe" a lot.


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Oh yeah! :coolio: :headphones: :drummer: that drum solos great!!! That's another good one that was on it, in fact all those songs you mentioned were on it! :: Really great collection, another great one on it is "You Wear It Well" Rod Stewart made the collection himself (reading the cd pamphlet) it was made in '93 he knew to stay away from "Do You Think I'm Sexy" and all that disco crap he did, so not to isolate his true fans :coolio:

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Your missing the point here. Lennon, Plant, and Page are (heres the trick) ---> REAL ARTISTS <---. KISS has never been more than a joke. Sure, they've been rolling for a long time and have an army. But their music isn't taken seriously. Lennon/Plant/Page's music are taken to heart people have devoted serious fan bases to them. KISS is just purely a joke, ment to give you a good time on a normally boring night.

Just to give you more to cry about, Yes I would tell Lennon to stop writing, I hate the Beatles and his solo music. Have at it Hoss.

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"Mandolin Wind."

It's hard to beat the mandolin break in Mandolin Wind. I think I was eleven (1971) when the album, Every Picture Tells a Story, came out. I remember it having a perforated poster of Rod on the inner cover. I bought the album for Maggie since it was a hit at the time but fell in love with Mandolin Wind.

Being a Rare Earth fan I had a bit of a time adjusting to his version of Losing You.


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Speaking of KISS, anyone see the stupid commercial for Gene Simmons solo debut? He's 60 years old, he just needs to retire, his rocking days are over and he needs to look into his rocking chair days. Taking Prodigy's Firestater and making it his own, it just plain pathetic.

I wouldn't call KISS a joke, but I don't want to get into all that who is better than whom crap. Opinions are like bungholes, sweetie. We all have them.

Anyhoo, yes I did see that commercial, and I was so embarrassed for him. It seemed like a desperate attempt to reach the young demographic, who will probably just laugh at him. He looks like a rejected pimp from the Playa's Ball. Yikes. I have lost respect for him, and I never thought that would happen.


Gene Simmons' dignity


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