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Let's talk about Culture Club

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This band was huge in the 1980's, and became huger 'cause of the lead singer, Boy George.

The other day I listened to "I'm Afraid Of Me" and it's got this really sweet reggea-like sound which makes it danceable and very catchy to the ear. The thing is, I'm not really sure what this song's about but I believe it's about being unfaithful to someone you care for and that's why you're afraid to open up to them.

Do you know this track by any chance?

I really enjoy listening to their music... it's so out of the norm. I just love 'em! :coolio:

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I enjoyed some Culture Club at the beginings... I was friends with the people on Virgin Records and lending a hand with reviews of their artists, I also worked on a TV show with him when he had "Karma Chameleon" and that first album... and he used to play a lot, friends used to go and I´d go too... it was not really my cup of tee but I rememeber the good old times and I had fun with the soundtrack of Boy George and the band, he he he...

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