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Ahh , Lassie , Dundee's a fine town ! You'll learn to love it . I say learn , because it likely won't take your breath away immediately , but it'll grow on you . A nice change of pace from the BIG CITY , and here's lovely countryside . Take up highland dancing , perhaps, ( or just post a pick in one of those cute skirts ) and mind you don't pick up a heroin habit ... :)

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I've read this book several times and loved every minute. Stephen King is my favorite writer. :thumbsup:

For you HP fans who think King is too freaky/scary, etc... try "The Talisman" which was written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It's a great book :grin:

I'm a Stephen King Fan-atic. I've read every book, every novella, and short story. I found Misery good, but really only so-so, compared to some of his others. I'm not as much a fan of the fantasy-futuristic books (like those with Peter Straub) He has some very good books that aren't really frightening at all. Some of the best are the collections of novellas, The Body beng one of my favorites (that one was made into the film Stand By Me). The early Bachman stories are terribly amazing. These were written when he was young (the first was begun when he was 18) The Long Walk is the precursor to the reality tv shows of today (and frightening in it's real possibilities), and the novella Rage is the one thing he's written that he wishes he could remove from library shelves. It's about teenage rage and school shootings. It was written long before any of the true life horrors ever happened. Overall, I'd give Stephen King in general a 9/10, only because of the couple of stinkers he's put out. He was in an odd place (understandably) after his accident, but one of the newer ones I've read recently ("Cell") was great, and again, not terribly frightening. 9/10! :)

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Is it just temporary or for the next few years?

For me, I am treating it as a temporary thing - I am going for the work experience and the better salary. It's not ideal, but it is a nice enough place (I was there a few weeks ago for a visit) and I have my best friend there as well, but it is just another move to another country, again :(

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Sue, you'll do well, and as you said your best friend is there.

As far as moving to another country, well consider the altenative. Never moving from one place your entire life. You'll have many experiences to look back on as you get older, and when you do get to the point of settling down in one spot, you'll have so many different experiences and choices to draw from. I really understand that need for a permanent place, and roots, but think of it as using the time of your youth to gather all these experiences!

Good Luck to you kiddo! :)

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