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I know about it but i am ashamed to admit i have never seen the movie or read the book. But it is okay farin i will borro it of my mate

no, don't worry about it. I was just surprised because that's the book/film it seems everybody knows of him, you know?

it's always the association "Dan Brown? oh that daVinci code guy"

that doesn't mean that it's the best of his books really :)

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Foundation by Isaac Asimov. 10/10. Possibly the best sci-fi I've ever read.

I love Asimov Tim. I don't remember if I read that one but when I was a teen, Asimov was my all time favorite author. Ray Bradbury was/is right up there to :D

I just finished the newest addition to The Wheel of Time series. Awesome !!!!

Robert Jordon the original author, passed away but left notes for the last book in the series. His wife/ editor had Brandon Sanderson finish the series. She couldn't have chosen a better author even tho I was totally unfamiliar with him.

He last book turned out to be three and I can't wait for the last two. You can't even tell it is being finished by someone else.

As with most series be it TV or books they can get a bit stale. Brandon Sanderson seems to have breathed new life into the series without ruining or taking over the original feel of the plot line and feel of the characters. He has done an awesome job.

I guess he has been a Wheel of Time fan since he was a teen and has read the books many, many times.

Two thumbs up for Mr. Jordon's widow for choosing such an outstanding fill in for him. May he rest in peace.

!0/10 for sure :D

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I am listening to the newest Dexter book. Dexter by Design. So far it is up to par with the other books in this series :D

Good thing I'm listen and not reading or I'd be getting nothing else done ;)

I love Dexter :D

Forgot to rate it after I finished it 5/5.

It kinda went down hill. Thats why it got a soso rating. To much talk and not enough action.

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crikey, I'm still creeping my way through "Lady Chatterley." My, my, but there's some colorful language in that book!

It's very up-front about talking about the "c" word, and tosses around the "f" word toward the middle of the book... but when it comes to describing the Big O, it gets very delicate, and mutters something to the effect of, "When Mellors reached his crisis," etc. as if that's the more offensive word. :laughing:

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Finally finished "Chatterley" a couple of days ago. Not a fan of the ending. I guess I'm just not literati enough to get it. *sigh*

On to Jane Eyre now. First couple of chapters are fairly shocking. As much as I've heard about this character, I never knew she was an abused orphan. Sheesh. But I just love the flowery writing style of Charlotte Bronte.

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