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finding song title from lyrics?

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Hi there Firestorm! Nice to meet you. If you google the lyric, you'll come up with songs containing that lyric.

On the main page here(the one in orange)you can put in a word or words and also come up with songs. Ours can be limited though, because it's just what has been submitted.

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The site works on some song lyrics, but is confused by some text strings. For example: "...birds fly over the rainbow" (That's a lyric from "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"), which might be a tad old for the database? A somewhat obscure string: "I got a $40 bet.." also resulted in spinning wheels. (It's from "The Double Bogey Blues," which I heard in the movie "Tin Cup.") It also stumbled on: "...all the crap I learned..." but figured it out when I substituted "...I can think at all." and Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" popped up. :beatnik:

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song1.com is pretty good for that, sometimes with even just a single word.

Works great to cheat on the 'Word Up' game.

Hello, Bazooka!! :):):) We missed you!!! :bow:

There´s also www.searchlyrics.org, which is the one I actually use when I need to cheat on the Word Up game... ;) though it gives you strange mixes between artist and lyric. Try anyways...

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