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Just in case it's getting cold by you

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I woke up in London... rain, fog, smog, whatever... this isn´t Spain. We´re having a really disgusting season and I went out to the street to buy some medicine... I know, I should stay in bed and ask hubby or the kid to bring me some syrup for the cough, but I´d rather do it myself... I wonder if they know how to buy something which isn´t beer or... beer! :laughing:

Well, it´s not fair, I must say that yesterday my husband brought me lemons, honey, tomatoes (I have cravings) and some food for the cat so I wouldn´t have to worry.

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Living in Calgary, I've grown somewhat used to weather that is all over the map. Two days ago, the high was -18C (that's about -2 in fahrenheit) and the low was -27C (-16 fahrenheit). Today, the high was 9C or 48 fahrenheit. At least when it was cold, it was sunny and clear. The snow looked lovely. Now that it has warmed up, the streets are a slushy mess.

The thing I hate most about winter, are the short days. At this time of the year we only have about 8 hours of daylight. What a drag! At the height of summer in Calgary, the sun comes up at about 5 am and doesn't set until well past 10 at night.

We're going to Cuba in February, so I'm already beginning to look forward to those beautiful beaches Ron Jon mentioned.

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