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Scariest Bands

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I noticed that you, along with another member of the forum are not following forum rules for image posting.

Forum Rules

Instead of copying an image to your hard drive and then uploading it to an image hosting site, you direct-linked the image from the original website.

Remember what happened the last time you did that?

The web site changed the image to a disgusting one and it showed up on the message board.

Try one of these image hosting sites: :thumbsup:




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There was a program about them and the Beasts of Satan last night on iTV I think. What a bunch of attention-seeking losers. Let's have pig heads on stakes when we perform because we're so "evil". Just sad :/

Actually, come to think of it, if they are just doing what they're doing for attention, it scares me even more


Thanks for realizing that I wasn't being mean by reminding you about the image posting.

That was a nice reply. You're very mature for your age. :coolio:

go to hell you old fart! :)

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No worry, if you haven't already, you should register for a Photobucket account. Once registered, you can upload the photos you want to use to your photobucket account (really simple as you will see).

Once on Photobucket, they give you an 'Image' link, which can be copied and pasted into your posts on the forum.

Hey presto, photos!

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