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here are my previous suggestions

Legend: Bob Marley and the Wailers

I know this is a greatest hits album, but it is a great introduction to Bob Marley's world. It has all his greatest hits, including "is this love", "no woman no cry" "jammin". For me, bob marley and raggae in general is the music of the summer, sitting by the beach and chilling, it's beautiful! however there is more to it that just that, in fact his music is very political, with songs such as "redemption song" which gives me goosebumps as it is one of the most powerful songs ever ("Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds." "Won’t you help to sing These songs of freedom? -’cause all I ever have:Redemption songs;")

And if you are not one for greatest hits albums, uprising is a great bob marley and the wailers albums with some of their most political stuff

Jeffrey Lewis "The last time I did acid I went insane

Jeffrey Lewis is a new york singer and guitar player, who apparently falls in the category of anti-folk (or so i read). Do not expect complicated melodies, because it is all about the lyrics; Jeffrey plays the guitar and sings over it, which I guess is where the "anti-folk" comes in. there are some really good songs here, including "chelsea hotel oral sex song" which is a kind of tribute to leonard cohens "chelsea hotel 2", " east river", which is a tale of loneliness as he he explain what girls from different parts of new york would do after they met him, and of course the hilarious "the last time I did acid I went insane" , which grafically explains what happened to him on an acid trip.

Apparently he is not populat in the US, which is shame, so think about giving him a listen and you might discover something you like

Mogwai: "Happy songs for happy people"

Mogwai are a scottish post-rock band. I am terrible with genres but that's what people call it so i'll assume that's correct. basically, they play accoustic rock, with some vocals but not really lyrics. and surprise, surprise, accoustic music can be very emotional! eventhough there are no lyrics, so many emotions are conveyed through the music, which is absolutely beautiful, albeit quite depressing. my favorite tracks are "kids will be skeletons" and "kiiling all the flies".

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Bella Donna

Stevie Nicks

Bella Donna is Stevie Nicks' first solo album, released in 1981.

With this album, Stevie proved that she could get along just fine without the other members of Fleetwood Mac.

A spectacular debut, this album contains some classic 80's tracks and guest appearances from other well known musicians.

This album is also home to the poetic and soaring 'Edge Of Seventeen', a song inspired by the deaths of John Lennon and her uncle, Jonathan William. This song is especially relevant as we approach the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

Other great tracks on this album include 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around', a duet with Tom Petty, 'Outside The Rain' and 'After The Glitter Fades'.

I got this album about four years ago when I was 17, I remember searching the cd shops for it and I eventually found it while on holiday in Adelaide. I still listen to it a lot, and find that I never tire of hearing the songs again.

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I recommend:

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

I would term this album their first 'commercial' hit (even though I was all of 3 when it came out). Songs like 'Under the Bridge' and 'Give it Away' still get a substantial amount of airplay. But that's no reason to ignore some of the more underrated songs on the album. One of my favourites is 'The Greeting Song' which has a happy, fast, bouncy beat. Then there's the almost meaningless 'Mellowship Slinky in B-Major' where the band pokes fun at their previous recording attempts [ 'singing a song about what true men don't do/ killing another creature that's kinda blue' ]. Political attacks are present in the form of 'The Power of Equality' and 'The Righteous and The Wicked'. The album features a tribute to former member Hillel Slovak (who died of a drug overdose) in 'My Lovely Man'. And of course, the 'sex' in the album name is more than evident with less than subtle songs like 'Suck My Kiss', 'Blood Sugar Sex magik' and 'Sir Psycho Sexy'.

This was John Frusciante's second album with the Chilis. The sound change is more evident here than in his previous album with the band 'Mother's Milk' perhaps because during the time of the latter's recording, the loss of Hillel Slovak was still a fresh wound. With this album, the Red Hot Chili Peppers became almost a 'household name'.


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I know I brought this up in list 7, can't remember though if we ever "listed" it.

Breakfast in America by Supertramp.

Probably their very best ever.

1. Gone Hollywood

2. The Logical Song

3. Goodbye Stranger

4. Breakfast In America

5. Oh Darling

6. Take The Long Way Home

7. Lord Is It Mine Listen

8. Just Another Nervous Wreck

9. Casual Conversations

10. Child Of Vision

Now, for me it's a tie, I really like Crime of the century, well ok, maybe just a little more.

But BIA has the best lyrics and the most radio friendly complete album ever created by Supertramp.

Giver her a listen.

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I'm going to be insistent with John Cougar Mellencamp's "Scarecrow". It's straight up Rock n Roll with a little social conciousness on the side. I won't say any more, because I've already said it three times before.

A few lists ago, earth-angel recommended "White Ladder" by David Gray. I will second that nomination. I bought it because of the song "Please Forgive Me", and fell in love with the whole album. It's a great chill out CD and the songs are very romantic. Some stand out tracks (IMO)are "Babylon", "This Year's Love", "Sail Away" and "White Ladder".

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I recommended this in List 6, so here it is again:

"Floodland" ~ The Sisters Of Mercy


Floodland sees The Sisters of Mercy becoming the artistic output of one man, lead singer and songwriter Andrew Eldritch with his previous bandmates off in other bands such as The Mission and Ghost Dance. Eldritch claims that bassist Patricia Morrisson, the only other official member of The Sisters of Mercy at the time, did not perform on the album and was hired only for promotional purposes. She is not credited on the album's sleeve, and is present only in pictures.

On the songs "Dominion/Mother Russia" and "This Corrosion", producer Jim Steinman added his over-the-top production values. The driving dance-floor hit "Lucretia (My Reflection)" with its repeating bass-line has become a staple in some nightclubs.

The album does have some quiet moments, as well. "1959" consists of just piano and vocals, a quiet ballad to a fan named Isabelle who wrote Eldritch a fan mail. And "Driven Like The Snow" has an almost ambient quality at times.

While not quite a concept album, Floodland has many recurring themes. The most obvious being the flood itself, a post-apocalyptic reference to tidal floods after nuclear war. It was described by Andrew Eldritch as 'a fine album',

1. "Dominion/Mother Russia" - 7:01

backing vocals: The New York Choral Society

2. "Flood I" - 6:22

3. "Lucretia My Reflection" - 4:57

4. "1959" - 4:09

5. "This Corrosion" - 10:55

backing vocals: The New York Choral Society (choir parts); Holly Sherwood; Curtis King; Brenda King; Tawatha Agee; Gina Taylor; Vaneese Thomas

6. "Flood II" - 6:47

7. "Driven Like The Snow" - 6:27

8. "Never Land (a fragment)" - 2:46

Additional tracks:

9. "Torch" - 3:51 (cassette/CD only)

10. "Colours" - 7:18 (CD only)

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Although American Fool has some of his more memorable tunes. Scarecrow has a few of my favorite Mellencamp tunes ...

Small Town



The Face Of The Nation

A very good album. Possibly his best!

I'll second this nomination! Great choice!!

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I saw REO Speedwagon over the summer...It was really great to see them again...the last time I saw them was in 78...they sounded great live back then and did an awesome job this year also...I love to see groups that have been around for so many years play the songs that I remember so well from the first concert....they did a great job on riding the storm out too....I was going through the cd's at the record store and picked up REO Live: You get what you play for.....Golden Country.....great live version, awesome song...."You Can Tune A Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish" also a great album..not sure if that's been on the list yet...but the live album is great...give it a listen!

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the new list:

Here's the new list

Bob Marley - Legend

Red Hot Chili Peppers - blood sugar sex magik

John Mellencamp - Scarecrow

Sisters of Mercy - Floodland

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

Yes, I know nobody mentioned that last one, but I just thought I would put in one. It's "The Holy Bible" by The Manic Street Preachers. It's a terrific album by a group that was huge in Britain, but not very popular in America. Why they weren't popular here in the states perplexes me. The music and melodies are catchier than other popular British bands such as Blur and Oasis. It could be that the lyrics are very dark and bleak. But then, it's no more depressing than a lot of other stuff in the early 90's. Perhaps it's because the lead singer/rythym guitarist, who was suffering from anorexia and depression, mysteriously dissapeared soon after the album came out. While in Britain, the tabloids ate up the story, it was pushed aside in America.

Anyways, it's a great album, one that practically defines the 90s. It's melodies are extremely catchy, and the lyrics are some of the best I've ever heard. The lyrics don't rhyme, they are more like poems adapted to the songs. The lyrics are dark, bleak, and occasionally depressing. "4st 7lb" narrates a case of anorexia. "Yes" gives a frightening look at over-commercialization. As you can tell from some of the other song titles ("Archives of Pain," "The Intense Humming of Evil," "She is Suffering," "Die In The Summertime,") the lyrics are dark throughout the entire album. The lyrics are brilliant, and it's one of the few albums where I would say the lyrics alone are worth the price of admission (by the way, it's an expensive CD, I'd reccomend buying a used version).

If depressingly poetic lyrics aren't really your thing, the music is great too. The first and last song are very cheery, musically. The outro of "Yes" is when the darkness in the music starts. It's still very enjoyable though, and I reccomend you all give it a listen. If you download, try out these songs for size:



Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit'sworldwouldfallapart (all one word)

Archives of Pain


these should give you a good idea if you like the album or not

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Golden Country.....great live version, awesome song...

Absolutely BRILLIANT song!! One of the 50 greatest songs ever written, and probably the most unrecognizable of those 50. The guitar solo on the live version is reminiscent of "Freebird". OUTSTANDING TUNE!! Finally, somebody who feels the same way as I do. Laurie, you rule!!

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Sorry about that, I'll tell Carl to change the Floodland link and name.

Oh, and the reason teh only link is to the MSP album is because I figured that I should post the link to the album I'm reviewing, but that wouldn't really be necessary for the other ones since you'd get the links on the front page.

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the new list:

Here's the new list

Bob Marley - Legend

Red Hot Chili Peppers - blood sugar sex magik

John Mellencamp - Scarecrow

Sisters of Mercy - Floodland

I just noticed that "the holy bible" was on list 2 as well. just thought maybe you should check what has been on before, just in case this happens again

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